PolySystems comprehensive software suite is completely designed, implemented, and supported by PolySystems, guaranteeing our clients the core quality and flexibility standards that have been our guiding principles for over 50 years. We have the expertise to deliver on time and within budget.

PolySystems software is designed with the entire actuarial department in mind, where users run multiple functions, in one consolidated model with a single source of input data and actuarial assumptions. Our production-grade and fully auditable solutions offer unparalleled reporting capabilities with both the flexibility to investigate single policies and the aggregation necessary for senior management reporting.

LDTI VIEW BROCHURE PolySystems proven method of combining policy history with projected cash flows in a controlled and auditable reporting platform has provided a distinct advantage for our LDTI software from the beginning, and our LDTI solution continues to grow with features that deliver unique and game-changing support and analysis across all lines of business. VM-20 VIEW BROCHURE PolySystems is proud to offer the most comprehensive VM-20 solution in the industry, including point-in-time valuation and asset-liability projection solutions for all lines of business. Nested Stochastic VIEW BROCHURE PolySystems Future State Stochastic (FSS) software offers the most comprehensive nested-processing solution in the industry, with all aspects of nested liability-only and ALM projections included. FSS incorporates scenario generation, proper inclusion of future new business, projections that reflect outer-loop to inner-loop assumption switching, interpolation, determination of the winning reserve when appropriate, data management, and reporting in a controlled and automated fashion. By leveraging your time zero valuation process, our solution is easy to use and quick to implement. First Principles LTC VIEW BROCHURE Our comprehensive first principles LTC module is a best-in-class solution that greatly enhances accuracy and management of long term care models. IFRS VIEW BROCHURE PolySystems IFRS 17 solution leverages the development work undertaken for GAAP LDTI and our expertise combining policy history with projection results and calculating cohort level detail. This has allowed for an aggressive timeline for software delivery which many of our clients have leverage to jump start this high priority initiative.