Client Support

PolySystems Support Team

PolySystems has a long-term view towards actuarial partnership. We provide an expert team of in-house consultants that stays with you from implementation through production support. This level of expertise provides unparalleled support as you move from one challenge to the next.

PolySystems implementation services include actuarial assumption coding, data extract work, and testing. We also provide requested modifications based upon innovative product designs or company-specific processing. Our team is very responsive to these types of requests and provides unparalleled development and testing services related to customization.

Meet Our Team
  • Support & Training Opportunities

    PolySystems clients are offered software maintenance services, including system updates, changes, and enhancements as well as telephone and email support.

    PolySystems also offers a variety of training options from onsite classes for a comprehensive lesson to shorter webinars for more detailed topics. For more information, contact your PolySystems support person or Jackie Smith.

  • The Poly Client Portal

    The Poly Client Portal offers an additional layer of communication between PolySystems and our clients. With 24/7 access to licensed product documentation and detailed monthly reports about software enhancements and modifications, our clients can stay apprised of system changes that continuously meet their actuarial needs.

    To access the Poly Client Portal, click LOG IN HERE. If you are a new user, click Create new user to start the registration process.