Actuarial Services – Valuation and Projection

Our actuaries and IT professionals offer many consulting services to our clients, including:

  • Systems implementation including model build, assumption plan coding, and testing reconciliation of results
  • Actuarial software development
  • Attribution analysis
  • Model governance, controls, and process documentation
  • Process automation
  • Product design and analysis
  • Actuarial shared services
  • Model risk management, including model validation and testing
  • Model review and optimization
  • Actuarial modernization
  • Support for mergers and acquisition transactions
  • Management reporting, including source of earnings and dashboard analytics

Advanced Data Services, Automation, and Experience Analysis

PolySystems unique team of extract and data service professionals ensures that the data required to support your valuation and projection models is properly mapped, extracted, and certified at the outset of each project. We have worked with all commercially available administrative systems and many homegrown systems and data repositories. Services include the following:

  • Cloud and HPC grid computing configuration
  • Conduct data dictionary sessions
  • Build, test, and deliver data extract programs
  • Build policy detail history files
  • Generate historical cashflows for GAAP LDTI
  • Use history to generate Measure Experience Studies and Source of Earnings analysis

Experience is Key

The benefits of partnering with PolySystems are many:

Clients have access to an expert staff of actuarial consultants with an average of 20 years of experience. We advise our clients on turnkey solutions based on our collective knowledge of best practices, insurance products, and industry changes.

Our software solutions can ease the strain on your internal staff resources by delivering quick, reliable, and fully-auditable results.

Our software is customizable based on client requests and new insurance product features. We have experience with a variety of client models and product types.