Universal Life

PolySystems universal life software offers integrated financial reporting and modeling capabilities from a single platform. We actively follow potential changes to reserving rules and guidelines (e.g.,VM-20) to keep our software compliant and ready for new regulations before they become effective.

Broad Product Support

Broad Product Support

Our universal life software supports all major universal life products including:

  • Fixed account, indexed, and variable
  • Fixed and flexible premium designs
  • Joint life policies (first and second to die)
  • Policy loans
  • Secondary guarantees (stipulated minimum premium and shadow account designs)
  • Rider support for:
    • waiver on active and disabled lives
    • return of premium
    • family, child, primary, and other insured riders
    • accidental death benefits
    • long term care
      • acceleration
      • extension
      • inflation of benefits
  • UL reinsurance treaties (YRT and coinsurance)

Processing Highlights

Processing Highlights

Processing capabilities for our universal life software include:

  • Reporting and analysis of historical data for FAS 97, experience analysis, and actual to expected comparisons
  • First principles calculations for all supported life products
  • Generational mortality tables
  • Attribution analysis to roll forward reserves
  • Sensitivity testing and other ad hoc runs
  • User insertion points to model custom, dynamic policyholder behavior such as lapses, etc.
  • GAAP unlocking support
  • Premium accrual calculations
  • Generates historical and projected cashflows for analysis

Multiple Accounting Methodologies

Multiple Accounting Methodologies

Supported universal life accounting methodologies include:

Statutory & Tax

  • Full VM-20 support for PBR
    • Calculations for net premium, deterministic, and stochastic reserves
    • Exclusion tests for deterministic and stochastic reserves
  • VM-51
  • Actuarial Guidelines 36, 37, and 38
  • NY regulations 147 and 179
  • Tax reserves


  • FAS 97
    • DAC and FEL
    • Loss recognition
    • Recoverability
  • FAS 133 for indexed products
  • Purchase GAAP for VOBA and other intangibles


  • Economic reserves for reinsurance, reserve financing, and other applications
  • Economic capital for ORSA, pricing, and other applications

Available Modules

Available Modules

Additional modules can also be run with our Universal Life software for a variety of actuarial needs.

  • Policy History Management

    Our Horizon software gathers, edits, manages, and prepares policy inventory data from admin systems or data warehouses.  This policy level history is used by our systems for FAS97.

  • Experience Studies

    Our Measure software automates and productionalizes experience studies using data and assumptions in valuation and projection setups.

  • Long Term Care Riders

    Our ULLTC software module provides valuation and forecasting capability for integrated UL/LTC Combination products.

  • VM-51

    Our VM-51 utility prepares inventories and reports for the VM-51 data calls.

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