PolySystems is widely recognized as the best GAAP valuation system in the market and is used by more than 100 companies processing over $500 billion in GAAP reserves. Our expertise with combining policy history with projection results and calculating cohort level results for FAS97 has allowed for an aggressive timeline for software delivery which many of our clients have leveraged to jump start this high priority initiative. Our solution offers one integrated system for history gathering, projections and reporting/analysis.

Below is a list of significant new capabilities PolySystems has delivered for LDTI.

In the Delphi Liability Modeling Software

  • When assumptions change, additional calculations are performed automatically to support attribution analysis.
  • Outputs for disclosure requirements are built into the base system, eliminating the need for multiple runs.
  • The system is equipped to reflect different cohorts for LDTI net-to-gross ratios and company analysis as well as policy level reporting.
  • Assumption structures have been modified to allow mortality, morbidity, and lapse assumptions independently for fast and controlled assumption updates.
  • All programs read the same LDTI parameter data, reducing the overall amount of LDTI assumption coding updates.
  • Supplemental benefits and policies in non-forfeiture status are supported.
  • For Market Risk Benefits attached to indexed and variable annuities, the MRB balances are calculated at the policy level and amounts for disclosure and OCI are split within a single run.

In the Projection Reports and Attribution Analysis Software

  • New reports are generated with reserves for the balance sheet and for profit and loss statements.
  • Net-to-gross ratios are updated at every valuation date and retained for additional use.
  • Additional reserves are automatically calculated when the net-to-gross ratio exceeds 100%.
  • Unlocking amounts are automatically tabulated under two different views, with each unlocking amount separated into mortality and lapse components.
  • The ASU disclosure report is produced directly, and the sources of the changes can be analyzed.
  • Deferred Profit Liability amounts are computed according to LDTI input parameters.
  • Flexibility with setting transition dates and the starting values on the transition dates.
  • New DAC amortization formulas and reports have been added for all lines of business.
  • Additional data is retained in PolySystems cash flow files to support analysis on future valuation dates.
  • Multiple options for Reinsurance.

In the Horizon History Gathering Software

  • Due premium and unearned premium amounts can be tabulated separately.
  • Different cohort groupings can be defined for LDTI versus company analysis.
  • Support for claims that are incurred but not yet paid.
  • Users can either supply input transaction data for the history collection process on a coverage level or the system can impute transactions payments and true-up for actuals at a cohort level.

PolySystems is the best full-service software company in the actuarial financial system market. Our expertise in GAAP financial reporting along with our production-based software will help you deploy the new GAAP TI standards at your company quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.