PolySystems is happy to announce the arrival of an upgrade to AnnuityMaster. Version 10.1 is loaded with new features, including:

  1. Flexible key processing that brings new capabilities to our Horizon process. Flex Keys allow users to specify how inforce files are populated by Horizon without requiring a new release of Horizon. The codes assigned in the PDH, VMF, and PMF are ultimately used by the calculation engine to look up the correct assumptions and plan provisions.
  2. Exact CARVM projection for GWB Benefit Paths in accordance with Actuarial Guidelines 33 and 35.
  3. New keys were added to existing tables, allowing users to more accurately define plan provisions and assumptions without having to add new administrative plan codes.
  4. Additional details on all upgrades and changes can be found on our Client Support website.

Support for bug fixes in AnnuityMaster version 9.8 will be discontinued on February 1, 2017. Existing AnnuityMaster setups in production with version 9.8 will continue to work as always; however, there will be no more changes to the program after this date.

Rolling up to AnnuityMaster 10.1 will require your IT department to upload the new software on any servers and machines that run PolySystems software. Please contact your PolySystems support person at your convenience for a list of settings that PolySystems recommends for optimal performance or to learn more about upgrading to AnnuityMaster 10.1.