• August 31 - September 2, 2020: Valuation Actuary Virtual Symposium

    August 18, 2020 Stop by our corporate sponsor profile page on the SOA Valuation Actuary Virtual Symposium site to chat with us and learn more about our end-to-end actuarial software solutions. And make sure to come “see” our PolySystems presenters speak at the sessions below!

  • 2020 Virtual Reserves Seminars

    June 8, 2020 Don’t miss out on our annual series of Reserves Seminars! Learn more about this year’s offering, including new Advanced LDTI seminars, and find detailed brochures on our Reserves Seminar Hub. Register at

  • Complete support for LDTI

    PolySystems is widely recognized as the best GAAP valuation system in the market and is used by more than 100 companies processing over $500 billion in GAAP reserves. Our expertise with combining policy history with projection results and calculating cohort level results for FAS97 has allowed for an aggressive timeline for software delivery which many […]

  • GAAP Targeted Improvements Software Releases

    FASB’s objective of targeted improvements to the existing recognition, measurement, presentation, and disclosure requirements for long-duration contracts has a major impact on the actuarial software industry in all four categories. PolySystems best-in-class GAAP LDTI software uses our proven methods for combining policy history and projections. Partner with our team of U.S. GAAP experts to plan […]

  • Register for the 2019 Reserves Seminars

    Reserves Seminars 2019 Join PolySystems and the Society of Actuaries in June for our annual series of Reserves Seminars. PolySystems specifically designed these seminars to demonstrate how to apply the fundamental principles of reserving to the practical, on-the-job demands of statutory, GAAP, and tax financial reporting. The concentrated syllabus and classroom style atmosphere of these […]

  • 2019 US GAAP Basics Webcast Series - Save the Date!

    Save the Date for the 2019 US GAAP Basics Webcast Series PolySystems has partnered with the SOA to provide a series of webcasts on GAAP reserving principles. Mark you calendar for the following dates: Traditional Life Wednesday, July 31, 2019 12:00-1:30 P.M. EST For more information, click here. Universal Life Wednesday, August 7, 2019 12:00-1:30 […]

  • PolySystems Enters Licensing Agreement with Oliver Wyman

    PolySystems is excited to announce that we have entered a licensing agreement with the Actuarial Practice of Oliver Wyman.  Please see the following press release issued by Oliver Wyman to learn more about our partnership:

  • Register for the New VM-20 Modeled Reserves Session at the 2018 Reserves Seminars

    PolySystems is excited to announce a new session on VM-20 Modeled Reserves at our annual Reserves Seminars this June!

    Cosponsored with the Society of Actuaries, this session offers a comprehensive and introductory-level session on U.S. statutory reserving principles for modeled reserves on life insurance products under VM-20.

  • Guide for VM-20 in PolySystems Now Available

    VM-20 is a significant addition to principles-based reserves; generally applicable for life insurance products, it applies a joint formulaic and modeled cashflow framework for calculating reserves. PolySystems offers the most comprehensive solution to VM-20 in the industry with point-in-time valuation and asset-liability projection capabilities for all lines of business.

  • PolySystems Testing Services for Tax Reserve Impacts

    The new tax law changes how reserves are computed for the purpose of determining taxable income. All policies in all lines of business are affected.

    These changes happened quickly. Many are now left wondering what the impact might be as we go into year-end work. These changes will not impact the 2017 tax returns, but some ponder how cashflow testing will be influenced.

  • Now Available: Support for VM-22 in IncomePay

    VM-22 requires a new process for defining valuation interest rates and is effective for issues beginning 1/1/2018.  PolySystems made the following enhancements to the IncomePay screen system and calculation engine to support this new requirement:

  • PolySystems Holiday Schedule

    PolySystems will be closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, in observance of the holidays. Our offices will be open the remainder of 2019 to support you.

  • Now Available: PolySystems Launcher Utility

    PolySystems Launcher Utility provides actuarial users with a point-and-click GUI interface for custom control over the automation of run processes without the knowledge of a special IT language. The Launcher Utility has an intuitive structure for building out a scripting overlay and features the following:

  • Now Available: PolySystems Global Assumptions Utility for Stress and Scenario Testing

    The Global Assumptions Utility facilitates stress and scenario testing and reverse stress testing for multiple projection purposes, including ALM, cashflow testing, risk analysis/ERM, MCEV/EV, economic capital, plan, ad-hoc stresses, PBR, IFRS, and pricing. In one pass, the program can scenario test and stress multiple assumptions. The Global Assumptions Utility captures and delivers stress base results […]

  • Now Available: AnnuityMaster 10.1

    PolySystems is happy to announce the arrival of an upgrade to AnnuityMaster. Version 10.1 is loaded with new features.

  • Now Available: ULMaster 10.1

    PolySystems is happy to announce the arrival of an upgrade to ULMaster. Version 10.1 is loaded with new features.

  • 2017 SOA Life & Annuity Symposium

    Stop by the PolySystems table near Registration during the 2017 SOA Life & Annuity Symposium to say hello and speak with John Adduci, Bob Keating, and Jason Kehrberg.