Experience is Key

PolySystems has 90 actuaries and IT professionals dedicated to the development and installation of our software applications.  Our experienced staff of actuaries is prepared to provide your company with a variety of consulting services.  Using PolySystems’ proven software solutions will ease strain on your internal staff resources and deliver quick, reliable, and fully-auditable results.  The PolySystems team has over 700 years of experience with over 900 software installations worldwide.

Actuarial Services

We offer a complete set of software implementation services and have the staff available to provide a turnkey solution.  Our team is capable of delivering the extract programs, assumption plan coding, and reconciliation of results.  We have extensive experience with large conversion projects from both legacy type systems and other less capable software applications.

  • Actuarial Software Development
  • Systems Implementation
  • Attribution Analysis
  • Actuarial Transformation
  • MAR/SOX Controls
  • Process Automation
  • Impact Studies
  • Product Design and Analysis

Extract Programming

PolySystems’ approach is to make certain that the data required to support the valuation and projection models is properly mapped, extracted, and certified at the outset of each project.  We have a unique team of extract professionals that ensures this critical task is successfully completed. PolySystems’ extract service professionals have worked with all commercially available administrative systems and many homegrown systems and data repositories.  We are accustomed to completing jobs in a specified time frame.


PolySystems’ staff is experienced in all aspects of Financial Reporting and Modeling support. Our staff is available for custom programming or related consulting projects.  We regularly modify the system when new insurance product features are introduced.  We are also available for any number of special projects that involve our systems.  Our fees for these projects are very competitive.