PolySystems is a leading provider of valuation, projection and experience study software to life, health and annuity companies. Our applications are used for reserve calculations, forecasting, planning, asset/liability projections for cash flow testing, sensitivity and stochastic analyses, in force profitability, pricing and product development. All PolySystems’ modules come equipped with a set of common utilities that allow our clients to write custom reports, insert user formulas, perform process automation and produce detailed audits that satisfy current demands for model transparency.


PolySystems has over 90 actuaries and IT professionals working in Chicago, New Jersey and South Carolina. Our team of actuarial consultants is experienced in designing complex financial models that support the most innovative of product designs. PolySystems’ data extract professionals help integrate our applications with our clients’ source systems and data architecture.


PolySystems has built a strong reputation in helping our clients deal with regulatory challenges and complex risk assessment.